We require a NON REFUNDABLE $200 deposit per pig ($50 for barrows) before it will be reserved for you. Everyone is expected to pay this deposit, no favors given. This deposit is applied toward your total cost. Deposits are for one specific pig and non-transferable unless the pig you placed a deposit on dies or has another traumatic event.

[email protected]


Facebook pay to Denise

Message her for more info


Cash is always good

**Final payments are expected in CASH**

If the pig is traveling via transport, final payment can be made via PayPal (friends and family only), Venmo, or FB pay. This is ONLY when the new family is not the one picking up the animal. We never accept checks.

Pickup & Transport

Piglets must be fully weaned prior to leaving our farm. No piglet will ever leave before 8 weeks of age. No exceptions will be made. Occasionally, we will request to keep a piglet until longer. We will always communicate this to you.

If pigs are not picked up (or arrangements agreed upon in text by both parties) within 10 days of the date they are sold or available to leave (8-10 weeks for piglets), the deposit paid will be forfeited and the animal will be available for purchase. If the animal needs to stay with us after this 10 day time and an agreed upon pickup date is arranged, a fee of $5 per excess day to cover feed and care is required. Communication is expected.

Buyers are responsible for all transport costs including our gas if we arrange to meet. Our fee is $.85 a loaded mile. If available, we can generally meet within reasonable distance for piglets only. We are not required to meet and can refuse – but it never hurts to ask.

If the buyer is using a professional transport service, we will not guarantee the health of the animal & are not liable for anything that occurs once the animal leaves our hands. Once the animal leaves our farm, it is the buyer’s full responsibility. The animal was healthy and inspected by our vet prior to transport.

Animals ​being transported will not leave the farm until paid for in full. Animals travelling by professional transport are required to have a CVI which will be at the buyer’s expense. Any required testing will be part of this inspection and will be paid by the buyer.


We reserve the right to cancel a sale prior to transfer of the animal if we feel the home would not be appropriate for the animal. Refund of the deposit will be given in this situation.

We have the right to set the price on any piglet / adult pig as we see fit.​ Pricing is based on the quality of the pig, gender, and reproductive rights.

We have the right to retain any piglet for any reason that is born on our farm. We always have first choice from each litter.

We do not sell unaltered boars for meat grow outs or pets. Barrows do not incur an extra fee for castration. Barrows will generally be castrated by 6 weeks of age. Barrows are sold unregistered and will not leave our farm until castrated​. They can be pet registered with AKKPS.

We will not place a pig as an only pig in a home or on a farm. Goats, horses, and even humans are not suitable companions. Please ask about barrows. Pigs need a pig friend.

Gilts/sows that are sold as “exposed to a boar” are not guaranteed to be in pig.

We will always be available to you. We greatly enjoy photos and updates.