We are the Stubbs family and we operate Snake Doctor Farmstead in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Tecumseh, MO. We moved to this property in 2017 after leaving downtown Atlanta.

We began our adventure with our beloved kunekunes in 2020 when Black Leg Peg came to the farm. She began a passion and love that we never imagined we’d experience.

Denise and Charlie are the primary caretakers of the farm. They perform all of the day to day duties. Mini Farmer, Emmy, raises chickens and rabbits. David works off the farm and helps with fencing and building on the weekends.

Members of:

Our hearts lie with the conservation and regeneration of this glorious breed of pig. The kunekune pigs here on the farm bring great joy, education, and nutrition to our family. We feel that these pigs can provide many facets to your life depending on what you seek. We raise them as breeders, meat, companions, pets. We pour our blood, sweat, and tears into this farm and these animals. We take great pride in them and are selective in where they move on to live.

Once you purchase a kunekune from our farm, you’re a member of the family forever. Should you ever have a question or concern, please always feel free to reach out to us. Denise will talk pigs with you all day long and greatly enjoys learning and educating. We look forward to getting to know future families and helping meet your needs with our kunekune pigs.