Snake Doctor Farmstead

Tecumseh, Missouri

Snake Doctor is another name for a dragonfly. A dragonfly can hover, fly sideways, stop on a dime, change direction, and even spurt backwards at astonishing speeds. Not much different than a farmer raising kunekunes.

Meet Our


Meet Our


Meet Our

Available Kunekunes

Meet the Farmer

Welcome! I’m Denise!

I’m the head Kunekune guru at Snake Doctor Farm. Talking pigs, educating, and learning more about Kunekunes is my passion. Respecting and loving this spectacular breed while educating others is my mission.

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“I have several pigs from Snake Doctor Farm. Every single one has arrived healthy, loved, and so well cared for. We have not had a single problem with a pig from Denise. We recommend them to anyone looking.”

Amanda Carlisle

“Snake Doctor farm is the best! They not only send you home with amazing quality socialized pigs but they’re there for you every step of the way. If you’re looking for someone who will be honest, trustworthy and answer all your questions Snake Doctor Farmstead is your place for a Kune Kune. We have purchased many pigs from them and will continue to do so in the future!”

Kallie Avey