Black Leg Peg (Tarutaru/Whakanui) AKKPS 13616

Black Leg Peg

  • AKKPS 13616
  • Tarutaru/Whakanui
  • DOB: Oct 14, 2020
  • Color: Ginger/Black
  • COI: 3.6058%
  • Wattles: 0

Black Leg Peg, the best pig ever!

Peg is a Tarutaru from Piney Creek Farm KuneKunes. She’s my pride, joy, heart, soul!

Peg has had 22 piglets in 2 litters, all double wattled. She’s an awesome mother and was from the start. I’ve never had to watch or worry with her. She’s also a sweetheart with co-mothering.

Peg will never leave the farm.

Message us for more info at [email protected]

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