Hoda (Boris/Momona) AKKPS 22462 – IKHR 37694


  • AKKPS 22462
  • IKHR 37694
  • Boris/Momona
  • DOB: 12/12/21
  • Color: Black/White
  • COI: 1.9096%
  • Wattles: 2

This is my Boris boar, Hoda. He’s a Snake Doctor Farm homegrown boy from Oxley and Marge. A few of you are blessed to have his siblings and a few his offspring.

Hoda was born here in December 2021. He sired 1 litter with Peg which produced 12 double wattled piglets with great teat lines.

Hoda is a beast of a pig who hit 200 by 11 months old with no extra feed. We feed fermented 16% sow feed from our local mill, nothing special. His favorite treats are apples and carrots. He doesn’t care for boiled eggs much. He’s a serious grazer.

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