Hattie Lee Buttons (Rona/Tonganui) AKKPS 38721

Hattie Lee Buttons

  • AKKPS 38721
  • Rona/Tonganui
  • DOB: June 8 2023
  • Color: Brown/White
  • COI: 5.7098%
  • Wattles: 2

This is one of the most outgoing girls on the farm! She’s always running to us for love, pets, bananas (her favorite). She’s cute as a button with her curly hair and precious face. I absolutely love her! She gets along with everyone and enjoys rubbing on the lgds like a kitty cat.

Hattie is a farm favorite who will hopefully make it to the breeding program next year. While she’ll be a year old in June, she’s a bitty girl. I’ve got high hopes for her though! I’m hoping she’s one of those that takes a growth spurt at a year.

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