Vaccine & Worming Schedule

Don’t be caught off guard. Check out this Kunekune Vaccine & Worming Schedule to keep your herd healthy and happy.

Vaccinating and deworming your pigs is important for herd health and immunity. Please see our worming and vaccine schedule below.

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Dectomax schedule

  • Piglets: 5 & 7 weeks of age then every 6 months
  • Boars/Sows: Given by weight every 6 months

Safeguard Schedule

  • At 6-8 weeks of age give according to weight 3 days in a row
  • Then once or twice a year after that. We use it every 6 months (Winter/Summer)



Piglets lack iron and this gives them a needed boost to aid in growth and health.

Iron Dextran – 1 ml dose at day 1, 7, and 14


Rhinishield TX4 is for use in healthy swine as an aid in the prevention of atrophic rhinitis caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica or the toxin of Pasteurella multocida types A & D, erysipelas and pneumonia caused by Pasteurella multocida Type A

Piglets – 1 ml dose at 5 weeks 2 ml dose at 7 weeks

Sows- 5 ml dose to sows and gilts at 5 and 2 weeks prior to farrowing.

Boars – 5ml dose every 6 months

Fostera Gold

Fostera Gold PCV MH for the vaccination of healthy pigs 3 days of age or older against porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2) and mycoplasma pneumonia due to M. hyopneumoniae.

Piglets: 2 ml dose at 3 weeks – 2 ml dose every 5 months thereafter.

Boars/sows – 2 ml dose IM every 5 months

FarrowSure Gold Swine Vaccine

FarrowSure Gold Swine Vaccine Protects swine against 5 strains of Lepto, porcine parvovirus and provides 18 weeks duration of immunity against erysipelas

Boars/Sows: Should receive 2 – 2 ml doses 3-5 weeks apart with the second dose administered 2-4 weeks prior to breeding.

A single dose booster is recommended prior to subsequent breedings.

Boars: get revaccinated every 6 months.

LitterGuard LT-C Swine Vaccine

Litterguard LT-C Swine Vaccine is for the vaccination of healthy pregnant sows and gilts for passive transfer of maternal antibodies to their pigs. Protects against 4 strains of E. coli: K99, K88, 987P, F41 and the heat-labile toxin. Also protects against Clostridium perfringens Type C, which can cause a highly fatal enteritis in suckling pigs.

Sows: Administer 2 ml IM or SQ. Give 2 doses, 3 weeks apart during the last half of pregnancy, with the 2nd dose at least 2 weeks prior to first farrowing.

Give a single 2 ml booster at least 2 weeks prior to each subsequent farrowing.

Supplies & Syringes

Knowing what needles and syringes do you need can be difficult. You can order from any vet supply website or even amazon. Here is what I use for vaccines. I actually keep various gauge size needles ranging form 25 gauge 1/2 inch (smallest) to 16 gauge 1 1/2 inch (biggest – I use for my big boars.)



Where to Purchase

We purchase all of our kunekune vaccine supplies online. I personally buy my medications from when it comes to wormer and vaccines. I purchased my syringes and needles from amazon or Heartland Vet Supply

As always, consult your veterinarian. These are protocols we have adapted with our veterinarian that have worked well for our herd.

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