All pigs eat fermented feed. We use a 16.5% protein sow feed from our local mill. Nationally you can find Purina Pig & Sow or Dumor Hog from your local Tractor Supply.


We place 5 feed scoops of feed in a food grade 5 gallon bucket and cover completely with water. You want at least an inch of water above the food at all times.

When we are ready to use a bucket, we pour the water off and feed it to the fowl. We always try to soak the feed 3 days. We soak it at a minimum overnight. We feed in groups so measurements are not exact.



Babies are fed enough that a bit is left on their mat when everyone is finished eating.


Adults are fed a measured 12oz cup of fermented feed twice daily. All pigs are provided hay 24/7. Pigs are allowed constant access to grass and foraging.


All pigs are fed boiled chicken and duck eggs weekly. Everyone gets two twice a week. Nursing moms get 2-6 daily depending on how well they maintain condition and how many piglets they’re nursing. All pigs get 1/2 cup black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS) twice a week.


Nursing moms receive 1/4 c calf manna daily. Litters receive 1/2 c daily mixed with their feed in the creep beginning at 2 weeks of age. Nursing piglets have pigs and sow pellets in a bowl in their creep at all times beginning at 2 weeks of age. Earlier if they start eating mom’s food sooner.

Milkin Mix is given to pregnant sows beginning 2 weeks prior to farrowing and throughout nursing. We sprinkle 2 tbsp on their breakfast. We order this from Valley Vet.

They also receive 2 fenugreek capsules daily. For treats we use thinly sliced raw sweet potatoes, carrots, apple slices, grapes, strawberries.

Fruits, Veggies, and Weeds

The pigs receive the scraps from most raw vegetables and fruit prepared in our kitchen. They really love all leafy greens. The pigs enjoy “weeds” we pull from the yard. Favorites include lamb’s quarters, chickweed, plantain, dandelions, tree leaves, fruit tree trimmings.

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